Forget about your quintessential European holiday destinations or even an African Safari; the Canary Islands is a diamond in the rough. Talk of 7 sizzling islands, over 350 fantastic beaches, amazing fauna & flora, and lunar landscapes – Canary Islands tourism is truly breathtaking.

Despite it being swarmed by holiday-goers year-round, there are at least ten reasons a visit to the Canaries is worth every penny.

#1. Fantastic Sea of the Clouds

When warm winds blow across the Canary, the sea of the clouds is formed. Trust me; it’s quite a sight you don’t want to miss. This so-called mar de nubes are more rampant and spectacular during summer and late spring months.

#2. Fancy a Dive with Beautiful Turtles?

The waters around the islands are teeming with lots of varieties of sea life, including some of the cutest turtles. A dive off Tenerife is certain to offer you an up-close experience with these majestic creatures. How does a sight of octopus, manta rays or dolphins sound?

#3. Get an Amazing View of Los Gigantes

As the name suggests, Los Gigantes is a massive cliff nestled on the west coast of Tenerife. Once considered “the end of the world” the views from the top of Los Gigantes are literally breathtaking.

#4. Soak up Sunlight on the Dunes

Fancy a sunbathing nude? The yellow dunes of the Canary Islands on the stretch between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas offer a fabulous spot for sunbathing.

#5. Ride the Wind – Canary Islands offer Windsurfing like never before

The wind of canary islands makes this destination a great place to windsurf or kitesurf. In fact, Pozo Izquierdo is often used as the preferred venue for World Windsurfing Championship.

#6. Enjoy Year-Round Summer Weather

With the Sahara-style weather, most parts of Canary Islands offer warm temperatures throughout the year. It’s a great getaway from the northern hemisphere winter bite. That’s right; temps at the Canary Islands rarely dip below 20 degrees.

#7. Give Carp Fishing a Try

The Canary Islands have more than 60 dams or reservoirs teeming with carp. That’s why carp fishing is a must-try on Gran Canaria.

#8. Hike and Rock Climb

Roque Nublo, touted the birthplace of Canary Islands, offers great hiking and rock climbing trails. Fancy a challenge? Try the trail along Roque Bentayga.

#9. Hitch a Ride on a Camel

Ride camelback to experience the sizzling beauty and lunar landscapes of the Gran Canaria.

#10. Local Cheese is Out of This World

Cheese has been around the island for centuries. Celebrate Fiesta del Queso by offering your taste buds something savory.