The Canary Islands is a slice of heaven. Take prehistoric sites, looming volcanoes, lush alpine forests, miles of Sahara-esque dunes, pristine sandy caves, and add breathtaking lunar landscapes – and that’s the magical allure of Canary Islands.

But that isn’t all – we’ve rounded top 8 sizzling jewels of Canary Islands tourism.

#1. Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Park

Feast your eyes with fabulous scenic and lunar landscape views. True to its spirit, Canary Islands tourism scene at Cueva Pintada brings forth prehistoric sites such as caves adorned with fantastic shapes like never before. These geometric shapes are thought to have a fascinating connection with solar and lunar calendars. Amazing, right?

#2. Cueva de Los Verdes

Don’t say you’ve seen it all in the Canary Islands until you’ve set foot at Cueva de Los Verdes. A kilometer stretch of a chasm, this fascinating gem of Canary Islands is part of a lava tube left behind by a major eruption that happened more than five centuries ago.

#3. Top Church – Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción

The majestic bell tower on this ancient church is unmistakably one of the best sites in Tenerife. It boasts Islamic-style architecture (what’s famously called Mudejar) and towering ceilings characteristic of buildings built in the 17 and 18th century.

#4. Playa de las Canteras

Las Palmas is known for unsurpassed beaches in the Canary Islands, and Playa de las Canteras is the best there is. Here, your eyes will have a glimpse of the 3-km stretch of pure yellow sandy beach. If you fancy a walk or biking, take the promenade along Paseo Canteras.

#5. Dine at La Hierbita, Santa Cruz

Enjoy your mouth-watering meal in an atmosphere that says “you’re home.” This restaurant that dates back to 1893 is nestled right in the heart of the red-light district. Kick back and relax in one of the hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

#6. Museum Queso Majorero, Antigua

Antigua’s best museum, Queso Majorero takes the exhibition to a whole new and exciting level. It depicts the rich heritage and history of the Canary Islands using interactive displays. Your little ones will love all the touch-button exhibits with tantalizing information on Islands’ diverse fauna and flora.

#8. Jardin Botanic Garden

Surprisingly, this botanic garden tucked in a sweet spot in Puerto de la Cruz was established back in 1788. It features thousands of varieties of fauna. And it’s a delightful place to spend a lazy holiday afternoon. Take a walk, smell the roses, watch chiming birds, and whatnot, Jardin Botanic Garden will not disappoint.

There you are – top amazing things to see and do while enjoying Canary Islands tourism scene.