If you are moving houses, having your tenancy deposit back will certainly do a lot in making it smoother. However, there is the tedious end of tenancy cleaning to do before the landlord can reimburse the tenancy deposit.   You can be sure that the landlord will dispute a job that cannot stand up to a keen inspection.  That is why you need the best end of tenancy cleaning services you can get to do the job right the first time. Some will say this does not come cheap, but if you are pursuing a hefty tenancy deposit, it would be worth it. Here are a few tips to get the best cleaning service.


Any cleaning service worth its name has a website nowadays. A simple Google search will yield tens of cleaning services in your locality. Check out the classifieds too.  There will be more than 20 cleaning crews advertising in the classifieds at one time or another. The trick is in weeding out the crooks that will take your deposit and disappear.

Look at price quotes

A cleaning service will often have a price quote/catalogue on the website. If it doesn’t, then chances of being extorted are highly likely. Work only with those that have prices you can compare, so that you are able to negotiate for a better price.  Look at the price quote carefully as some will have off-limit tasks that would later cost you good money to get done.

Off-limit tasks

Some cleaning services will not clean human/pet waste, some will not move heavy furniture and some will not clean kitchen appliances. Before engaging a cleaning service, ask about the off-limits tasks.  A cheap price quote that has a long list of off-limit tasks would not make sense as you would still have to pay another cleaning crew to do these tasks.


What are the customer reviews for  a cleaning service? Look up review sites for complains and other negative mentions for a cleaning service.

Scope of work

Most disputes between end of tenancy cleaning services and tenants come about from unclear scope of work. The cleaning service will claim it has done all it was supposed to, while the tenant (client) will claim the job is unfinished. Have a clear checklist of all the tasks that should be completed.

Ask about the guarantee

What is the guarantee that the cleaning service will do a good job?  Who pays for a repeat job?  Get the best end of cleaning service by including these questions in the interview.