Clean windows are definitely a plus for any home. However, cleaning them is somewhat annoying and tiring job. If you do not do it well, your glass panes will be left with steaks and may look worse than they did before the cleaning took place. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid next time you are cleaning your windows.

 Do not use wrong cloths

Lint-based and fibrous cloths leave streaks of material on the window panes when trying to dry and polish your windows. Go for less fibrous materials such as nylon and polyester.

Overstretching yourself

Most likely than not, you will not reach the top edge of the window when doing your cleaning. If you date overstretch or stand on the stone and other items, there is a risk that you may fall and injure yourself. You will not also clean the hard to reach areas effectively. Use a ladder to reach those areas to work effectively and safely.

Cleaning your windows in glaring sunshine

Canary Island summers are quite hot. If you try to clean the windows when the sun is blazing, the detergent will dry onto your windows before you rinse it off and leaving streaks behind. If you have to clean on a sunny day, clean windows that are not facing the sun first and clean the rest when the sun has moved away.

 Using too little window cleaning solution

Many people are conservative and use very little cleaning solutions on the windows. The solution fails to make cleaning the windows any easier. Use plenty of the solution especially if your windows are very dirty. You will find that the windows become easy to clean.

Misusing the scrapper

Some stains cannot be removed by the conventional cleaning detergents. They need a scraper. However, there is always a risk that you may scratch the glass by being heavy handed on the scraper. If you lack the skill, consider using the professionals. Otherwise, there is a chance that the scraper will damage you glass windows to the point that you may have t to replace them.

Windows are part of the general look of your Canary Islands home both on the inside and the outside. Do the cleaning right to have great looking windows as well as ensure safety when you are doing your cleaning. Where not possible to do it right, consider hiring professional window cleaners.