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21 Questions for a Perfect Flatshare

With rents steadily on the climbing, a flatshare Manchester arrangement is becoming the more financially viable option for many people, especially students and single young professionals. There are advantages of living in a flatshare on top of the lower rent. You get more people from different backgrounds and expand your social networks easily. But getting into a flatshare with incompatible flatmates can be a nightmare. Differences in financial, social and cultural attitudes can bring about conflicts. Ask your potential flatmates these questions to get a compatible flatshare arrangement.

How are bills shared?

Is there a common fund to foot monthly bills? What happens to those who are late in their contributions?

Are you longtime friends?

If they are, you could sometimes feel like a stranger, left out of their favourite stories and jokes.  If they barely know each other, you have chances of being at the start of a new group relationship and bonding. It could also be a place where no one really cares what happens in each other’s lives. It all depends on whether you are a people person.

Is the cooking communal?

The kitchen is the premier source of flatshare conflicts. If the cooking is communal, who plans the menu?  Is there a cooking duty Rota? Who does the dishes after cooking? How are groceries bought? What happens if there is someone with special dieting needs? What is the policy on leftovers?

What about other food and drinks?

Apart from the groceries and other food ingredients, how do the flatmates treat other foods, drinks and snacks? If I bring in a bag of peanuts, is it mine only, or it viewed as a treat for everyone? If this is the case, do the flatmates take turns in buying the treats?

What is the policy on guests?

If you plan on having a guest over, is sleeping over allowed? How many guests can you have at once, and is the use of the common living room allowed for guests? Will the guest share in the meals, or do you have to make separate arrangements? What hours are allowed for guests?

You might also want to know the policy on boyfriends/girlfriends. Are they allowed to sleep over, and will their use of the common bathroom take the lower priority than that of the flatmates?

What is the entertainment policy?

Are there Saturday movie nights, and if so how are the movies picked? Can I bring my own sound system and put it in the common living room?

Do not be afraid of making your potential flatshare Manchester mates feel like it is a game of 21 questions. You will be spending a lot of time with them, so it better be comfortable.

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Mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows in your Canary Islands home

Clean windows are definitely a plus for any home. However, cleaning them is somewhat annoying and tiring job. If you do not do it well, your glass panes will be left with steaks and may look worse than they did before the cleaning took place. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid next time you are cleaning your windows.

 Do not use wrong cloths

Lint-based and fibrous cloths leave streaks of material on the window panes when trying to dry and polish your windows. Go for less fibrous materials such as nylon and polyester.

Overstretching yourself

Most likely than not, you will not reach the top edge of the window when doing your cleaning. If you date overstretch or stand on the stone and other items, there is a risk that you may fall and injure yourself. You will not also clean the hard to reach areas effectively. Use a ladder to reach those areas to work effectively and safely.

Cleaning your windows in glaring sunshine

Canary Island summers are quite hot. If you try to clean the windows when the sun is blazing, the detergent will dry onto your windows before you rinse it off and leaving streaks behind. If you have to clean on a sunny day, clean windows that are not facing the sun first and clean the rest when the sun has moved away.

 Using too little window cleaning solution

Many people are conservative and use very little cleaning solutions on the windows. The solution fails to make cleaning the windows any easier. Use plenty of the solution especially if your windows are very dirty. You will find that the windows become easy to clean.

Misusing the scrapper

Some stains cannot be removed by the conventional cleaning detergents. They need a scraper. However, there is always a risk that you may scratch the glass by being heavy handed on the scraper. If you lack the skill, consider using the professionals. Otherwise, there is a chance that the scraper will damage you glass windows to the point that you may have t to replace them.

Windows are part of the general look of your Canary Islands home both on the inside and the outside. Do the cleaning right to have great looking windows as well as ensure safety when you are doing your cleaning. Where not possible to do it right, consider hiring professional window cleaners.

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Are You Looking for the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

If you are moving houses, having your tenancy deposit back will certainly do a lot in making it smoother. However, there is the tedious end of tenancy cleaning to do before the landlord can reimburse the tenancy deposit.   You can be sure that the landlord will dispute a job that cannot stand up to a keen inspection.  That is why you need the best end of tenancy cleaning services you can get to do the job right the first time. Some will say this does not come cheap, but if you are pursuing a hefty tenancy deposit, it would be worth it. Here are a few tips to get the best cleaning service.


Any cleaning service worth its name has a website nowadays. A simple Google search will yield tens of cleaning services in your locality. Check out the classifieds too.  There will be more than 20 cleaning crews advertising in the classifieds at one time or another. The trick is in weeding out the crooks that will take your deposit and disappear.

Look at price quotes

A cleaning service will often have a price quote/catalogue on the website. If it doesn’t, then chances of being extorted are highly likely. Work only with those that have prices you can compare, so that you are able to negotiate for a better price.  Look at the price quote carefully as some will have off-limit tasks that would later cost you good money to get done.

Off-limit tasks

Some cleaning services will not clean human/pet waste, some will not move heavy furniture and some will not clean kitchen appliances. Before engaging a cleaning service, ask about the off-limits tasks.  A cheap price quote that has a long list of off-limit tasks would not make sense as you would still have to pay another cleaning crew to do these tasks.


What are the customer reviews for  a cleaning service? Look up review sites for complains and other negative mentions for a cleaning service.

Scope of work

Most disputes between end of tenancy cleaning services and tenants come about from unclear scope of work. The cleaning service will claim it has done all it was supposed to, while the tenant (client) will claim the job is unfinished. Have a clear checklist of all the tasks that should be completed.

Ask about the guarantee

What is the guarantee that the cleaning service will do a good job?  Who pays for a repeat job?  Get the best end of cleaning service by including these questions in the interview.

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Do You Want The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

If you are reluctant to engage a professional cleaning service out of the fear that the price could be too high, could be you are not looking well enough. There are many cleaning services that are willing to do a good job affordably. One point to keep in mind is that if you are following a hefty tenancy deposit, it would be better to make a little investment that will guarantee you get the deposit back. Doing the cleaning DIY style in the hope that you are saving money could actually cost you more if the landlord disputed the job. Get the best end of tenancy cleaning prices by following a few tips.

Ask on Facebook

There are many people willing to volunteer information of all kinds on Facebook. Just do a simple post ‘Looking for affordable end of tenancy cleaner.’ This will bring tens if not hundreds of responses.

Ask Google

Google never fails to volunteer information even though you might not like what you find. The good thing is that Google shows services near you in a list including their position on the map.  You can eliminate what you don’t need before making personal visits to offices for a price negotiation.

Check the classifieds

New cleaning services and those that are not tech savvy enough to put up a website or a Facebook page will try their in the newspaper classifieds.  Go through several newspaper classifieds and you will get plenty of affordable offers. You should exercise care with information you find on classifieds as the relative anonymity of the classifieds attracts many crooks. Watch out for any cleaning service that demands a deposit upfront.

Ask the landlord

Asking the landlord is a smart choice since the landlord will be reluctant to dispute a cleaning job  by a service he has recommended. On the other hand, be sure to compare prices lest the price quoted includes brokerage commission.

Have a rough guide

It is important that you have a rough idea of the existing market prices even as you search for the best end of tenancy cleaning services. Here is a rough guide on end of tenancy cleaning prices:

#Number of rooms: From:
Studio (without carpet cleaning) £95
Studio (with carpet cleaning) £125
1 bedroom property (without carpet cleaning) £125
1 bedroom property (with carpet cleaning) £170
2 bedroom property (without carpet cleaning) £150
2 bedroom property (with carpet cleaning) £210
3 bedroom property (without carpet cleaning) £190
3 bedroom property (with carpet cleaning) £265
4 bedroom property (without carpet cleaning) £270
4 bedroom property (with carpet cleaning) £335


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Sizzling Things to See and Do in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is a slice of heaven. Take prehistoric sites, looming volcanoes, lush alpine forests, miles of Sahara-esque dunes, pristine sandy caves, and add breathtaking lunar landscapes – and that’s the magical allure of Canary Islands.

But that isn’t all – we’ve rounded top 8 sizzling jewels of Canary Islands tourism.

#1. Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Park

Feast your eyes with fabulous scenic and lunar landscape views. True to its spirit, Canary Islands tourism scene at Cueva Pintada brings forth prehistoric sites such as caves adorned with fantastic shapes like never before. These geometric shapes are thought to have a fascinating connection with solar and lunar calendars. Amazing, right?

#2. Cueva de Los Verdes

Don’t say you’ve seen it all in the Canary Islands until you’ve set foot at Cueva de Los Verdes. A kilometer stretch of a chasm, this fascinating gem of Canary Islands is part of a lava tube left behind by a major eruption that happened more than five centuries ago.

#3. Top Church – Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción

The majestic bell tower on this ancient church is unmistakably one of the best sites in Tenerife. It boasts Islamic-style architecture (what’s famously called Mudejar) and towering ceilings characteristic of buildings built in the 17 and 18th century.

#4. Playa de las Canteras

Las Palmas is known for unsurpassed beaches in the Canary Islands, and Playa de las Canteras is the best there is. Here, your eyes will have a glimpse of the 3-km stretch of pure yellow sandy beach. If you fancy a walk or biking, take the promenade along Paseo Canteras.

#5. Dine at La Hierbita, Santa Cruz

Enjoy your mouth-watering meal in an atmosphere that says “you’re home.” This restaurant that dates back to 1893 is nestled right in the heart of the red-light district. Kick back and relax in one of the hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

#6. Museum Queso Majorero, Antigua

Antigua’s best museum, Queso Majorero takes the exhibition to a whole new and exciting level. It depicts the rich heritage and history of the Canary Islands using interactive displays. Your little ones will love all the touch-button exhibits with tantalizing information on Islands’ diverse fauna and flora.

#8. Jardin Botanic Garden

Surprisingly, this botanic garden tucked in a sweet spot in Puerto de la Cruz was established back in 1788. It features thousands of varieties of fauna. And it’s a delightful place to spend a lazy holiday afternoon. Take a walk, smell the roses, watch chiming birds, and whatnot, Jardin Botanic Garden will not disappoint.

There you are – top amazing things to see and do while enjoying Canary Islands tourism scene.


Sights in Canary Islands

The Canary Islands at Its Best: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit This Tourism Gem

Forget about your quintessential European holiday destinations or even an African Safari; the Canary Islands is a diamond in the rough. Talk of 7 sizzling islands, over 350 fantastic beaches, amazing fauna & flora, and lunar landscapes – Canary Islands tourism is truly breathtaking.

Despite it being swarmed by holiday-goers year-round, there are at least ten reasons a visit to the Canaries is worth every penny.

#1. Fantastic Sea of the Clouds

When warm winds blow across the Canary, the sea of the clouds is formed. Trust me; it’s quite a sight you don’t want to miss. This so-called mar de nubes are more rampant and spectacular during summer and late spring months.

#2. Fancy a Dive with Beautiful Turtles?

The waters around the islands are teeming with lots of varieties of sea life, including some of the cutest turtles. A dive off Tenerife is certain to offer you an up-close experience with these majestic creatures. How does a sight of octopus, manta rays or dolphins sound?

#3. Get an Amazing View of Los Gigantes

As the name suggests, Los Gigantes is a massive cliff nestled on the west coast of Tenerife. Once considered “the end of the world” the views from the top of Los Gigantes are literally breathtaking.

#4. Soak up Sunlight on the Dunes

Fancy a sunbathing nude? The yellow dunes of the Canary Islands on the stretch between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas offer a fabulous spot for sunbathing.

#5. Ride the Wind – Canary Islands offer Windsurfing like never before

The wind of canary islands makes this destination a great place to windsurf or kitesurf. In fact, Pozo Izquierdo is often used as the preferred venue for World Windsurfing Championship.

#6. Enjoy Year-Round Summer Weather

With the Sahara-style weather, most parts of Canary Islands offer warm temperatures throughout the year. It’s a great getaway from the northern hemisphere winter bite. That’s right; temps at the Canary Islands rarely dip below 20 degrees.

#7. Give Carp Fishing a Try

The Canary Islands have more than 60 dams or reservoirs teeming with carp. That’s why carp fishing is a must-try on Gran Canaria.

#8. Hike and Rock Climb

Roque Nublo, touted the birthplace of Canary Islands, offers great hiking and rock climbing trails. Fancy a challenge? Try the trail along Roque Bentayga.

#9. Hitch a Ride on a Camel

Ride camelback to experience the sizzling beauty and lunar landscapes of the Gran Canaria.

#10. Local Cheese is Out of This World

Cheese has been around the island for centuries. Celebrate Fiesta del Queso by offering your taste buds something savory.

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